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Our Team

General email address:

General extension numbers: 2650/1 or 2670/1


Martin Asser
Associate Vice President for Communications
Extension: 2674 (Building 42, Room 208)
Email address:
Oumama El-Chab
Executive Officer
Extension: 2650/1 (Building 42, Room 207)
Email address:
Creative Services News and Media

Najib Attieh
Art Director
Extension: 2684 (Building 42, Room 101)
Email address:

Simon Kachar
Director of News and Media Relations
Extension: 2676 (Building 42, Room 202)
Email address:

Maria Mouteirek
Graphic Designer
Extension: 2653 (Building 42, Room 205)
Email address:
Safa Jafari Safa
Senior Writer
Extension: 2680 (Building 42, Room 204)
Email address:
Sarah Alameddine
Graphic Designer
Extension: 2683 (Building 42, Room 205)
Email address:
Jennifer Muller
Senior Writer
Extension: 2650 (Building 42)
Email address:
Nour Machaka
Digital Design Editor
Extension: 2656 (Building 42, Room 205)
Email address:
Randa Bizri Zaiter
Communications Manager
Extension: 2652 (Building 42, Room 203)
Email address:


Henry Matthews
Translator, Editor
Extension: 2675 (Building 42, Room 111)
Email address:

Hassana Tabbarah Mukahhal
Administrative Assistant
Extension: 2670/1 (Building 42, Room 201)
Email address:

Hassan Nisr
Lead University Photographer
Ext: 4930 or Beeper: 0849 (Diana Tamari Sabbagh Building, SB21)
Digital Media​ New York


Nidal Mawas
Digital Media Director and Instructor
Extension: 2672 (Building 42, Room 209)
Email address:

Director of Communications
Vacant Position


Rose Kfoury
Digital Communication Officer
Extension: 2654 (Building 42, Room 105)
Email address:

Sally Kaya Najjar
Publications Director
Extension: 2657 (Building 42, Room 210)
Email address:


Eric Eyges
Senior Writer
New York Office
Email address:


Barbara Rosica
Senior Communications Officer
New York Office
Email address:

  Zein Abidin Rafii'
Extension: 2670/1 (Building 42, Room 102 A)
Email address: 
Nishan Simonian
Junior Clerk
Ext: 2669 (Building 42, Room 102 A)





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