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Safety and Security Information
AUB Information Channels

An informed campus is a safer campus and AUB operates several channels to ensure that its community is kept up to date when internal and external events present risks to campus safety or quality of life.

AUB issues notices and informational alerts to students via its homepage and its Facebook and Twitter accounts. We also communicate with our campus community via mass email, group email, digital message boards across campus, and SMS. Students might also be contacted via regular mail when the need arises.  

If you have not done so already, please make sure you are registered to receive AUB SMS messages on your mobile telephone. Submit or update your mobile contact information following these instructions. Students are also encouraged to update their addresses.


AUB faculty, staff and residents: Log in to MyHR, Click on Address and Emergency Contact, Click on Modify and update the info in SMS COMMUNICATION LINK, Click Submit (make sure you only enter numbers, no signs or spaces or extra zeros are allowed, correct example: +9613123456)



AUBMC staff: Log in to HIS, Click on Your Name, Scroll down to “Emergency Mobile Number for SMS Communication” section, Click on the Edit info icon, Enter Mobile Number respecting the indicated format, Click Update 



Update of Students’ Addresses and SMS Mobile number:

We require that you update your “addresses while at AUB” and “SMS” mobile number on a continuous basis by logging to AUBsis and then:

1- Click on “Personal Information” tab,
2- Click on "View and Update Address(es) and Phone(s)” link,
3- Click at the bottom of the web page on “Update Address(es) and Phone(s)” link,
4- Where no address exists under the three below types of addresses, select the one that is missing at the bottom of the web page under “Type of Address to Insert” field:

• “Parent/Guardian while at AUB” used for emergency contact
• “Residence/Mailing while at AUB” used for mailing and contacting student
• “SMS” used to diffuse “crisis” type of SMS short messages

5- Fill in ALL mandatory fields for Addresses* and then click on "Submit" button.   

* For the “SMS” type of address, fields such as: “Valid From This Date”, “Address Line 1”, “City” and “Nation” are required fields.

- Make sure you select also “SMS communications” under “Phone Type” field and then, under “International Access Code and Phone Number” enter numbers only; no signs or spaces or extra zeros are allowed e.g.: 9613123456.
- If a valid “SMS” type of address exists already, you can only update your mobile number by clicking on the appropriate links next to the corresponding “SMS” type of address.

* For the other two types of addresses “… while at AUB“:
“American” address: “Valid From This Date”, “Address Line 1”, “City”, “State/Province” and “ZIP/Postal Code” are required fields.
“Lebanese” or “foreign (Non-American)” address: “Valid From This Date”, “Address Line 1”, “City” and “Nation”, are required fields.

International Students: In addition to registration of your mobile information via “AUBsis SMS communication”, we also require that you register your local contact information.


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