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Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS)
NFSC Hosts Workshop on Basic and Advanced Carbohydrate Counting
The Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences at FAFS hosted a 2 day workshop on May 23 and 24, 2016 titled Basic and Advanced Carbohydrate Counting. The workshop was given by Claudia Matta, who is a specialist in Advanced Carbohydrate Counting for Insulin Pump Therapy. The workshop targeted clinical and licensed dietitians and aimed to equip them with evidence based skills in carbohydrate counting. The first part of the workshop highlighted the foundations of Carbohydrate Counting (CC) with an emphasis on Label Reading and how to use the Carbohydrate Factor Method for precise CC. It focused on how to use the Insulin Carb Ratio when calculating meal boluses. The second part of the workshop highlighted advanced CC methods with insulin pump therapy through the usage of different types of Bolus settings. Participants had the opportunity to analyze and interpret data using the Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology.
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