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Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS)
FAFS Participates in 5th Mediterranean Poultry Summit

The 5th Mediterranean Poultry Summit was held on October 20-25, 2016, on board of a ship cruising through the Mediterranean Sea to ports in Italy, Spain, and France. This is a conference that is held once every two years by the Mediterranean Poultry Network (MPN) of World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA) to promote WPSA activities, expand membership of the WPSA, spread the knowledge in the field of poultry science, and coordinate future Mediterranean Summits of WPSA in all countries of the Mediterranean region.

As president of the Mediterranean Poultry Network, Dean Emeritus Nuhad Daghir presided over the conference and presented one of the keynote papers at the 1st Plenary session on oil seed meals of the MENA region as replacement for soybean meal, an accumulation of his research findings over the past 40 years. Dr. Muhamad Farran, Professor of Poultry Science, was another keynote speaker from FAFS who presented his research on some Middle East feedstuffs. In addition, two M.S. graduate students also from FAFS, Muhamad Murtada and Roger Mazloum, gave presentations at the conference, one in the session on poultry diseases and the other on poultry health and management. Both of these students received financial aid from the Lebanese branch of the World Poultry Science Association that helped them attend this conference and were honored by the Secretary General of the World Poultry Science Association. Six other students were also honored, two from Italy, two from Spain and two from France.

The conference attracted scientists from 33 countries, 14 of them as keynote invited speakers mainly of the Mediterranean region, and a total of 115 papers were presented as oral presentations or posters. During the business meeting of the Mediterranean Poultry Network that organizes these conferences, Dean Daghir was elected for a second term as President of the Network.

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