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Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS)
Lebanese Order of Engineers and Architects Visit FAFS

FAFS faculty and students stepped away from their projects last Thursday, April 21st, to welcome Mr. Khaled Chehab, the President of the Order of Engineers and Architects in Lebanon and Dr. Micheline Wehbe the President of the Agricultural Branch of the Order of Engineers and Architects in Lebanon to AUB.

Their talks illuminated on the engineering profession as a whole in Lebanon and on the achievements of the syndicate.

Mr. Chehab praised the achievements of FAFS in being a pioneer in its field in the region.  Moreover, he shed the light on the importance of connecting with the imminent generation of engineers to communicate the confident future we are working for.

The market is statured with engineers, with few elites. Hence there is a need to raise the bar for those opting to join the engineering syndicate in Lebanon.

Following his revitalizing talk, Dr. Wehbe emphasized furthermore on the power of agricultural engineering compared to other branches within the syndicate as it engulfs several aspects which are dedicated to the improvement of human life. With that, she discussed the importance and benefits of joining the syndicate and lastly presented their achievements until today.

Both Mr. Chehab and Dr. Wehbe assured that the Order of Engineers and Architects encourages innovative notions and the never ending need to stay up-to-date with all the groundbreaking advancements in the industry.

The Faculty and students of FAFS were honored to meet their guest speakers and continued their networking after the talk during the reception.

The talk was covered on the website of the Syndicate. Read more about it here.



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