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Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS)
NFSC Department Hosts Workshop on Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition Delivered by Leading Scientist in the Field, Dr. Ahmad El Sohemy
Within this year's Middle East Medical Assembly (MEMA) theme of Precision Medicine and in line with its mission to provide cutting edge evidence and recent advances in the field of nutrition, the NFSC department hosted a workshop on Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition: Implications for the Dietetic Practice on May 16, 2016.

The workshop was delivered by Dr. Ahmad El Sohemy, an associate professor at University of Toronto, Canada and Canada’s Research Chair in Nutrigemomics.  Dr. El Sohmey is a leading scientist and a pioneer in this field with worldwide recognition for his scholarly contributions.

The workshop was divided into three sessions: 1) Overview of the latest advances in the science of nutrigenomics and its applications, 2) Behavioral Outcomes, Attitudes and Perceptions of Nutrigenomics Testing and 3) Translation of the Science into Practice.

Do we all react similarly to certain foods such as caffeine, salt and fat? When it comes to dietary recommendations, is one size fits all approach right? The answers to these questions lied in Nutrigenomics or Precision Nutrition which aims to prevent the onset and development of chronic diseases by providing dietary recommendations tailored an individual's genetic profile. Precision Nutrition provides dietitians with a tool to help tailor their clients’ dietary plan to their individual metabolic needs, based on their genetics.

The evidence based approach used during the workshop provided a clear cut between forgery and real science.

The workshop was attended by over 50 professionals in the field of nutrition and Dietetics from various institutions across the country (hospitals, clinics, NGOs and academic institutions).




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