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Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS)
FAFS Celebrates the Retirement of Mr. Samir Touma after 51 Years of Service!
 FAFS faculty and staff gathered to celebrate the retirement of Mr. Samir Touma. A dear colleague and a hard-working staff member, Mr. Touma has been a devoted technician at the faculty for the past 51 years.

Dean Nahla Hwalla and Dr. Imad Toufeili thanked Mr. Touma for all his efforts, noting that his presence has been essential to the success of the FAFS.  Dean Hwalla noted that “Mr. Touma has a pleasant personality and is always ready to help in different errands over and above his regular duties, willingly and gladly. Furthermore, he is the custodian of all FAFS pictures and memories. He has been in fact an enthusiastic photographer, capturing our happy moments and successful milestones”.

During the celebration, Mr. Touma received a souvenir and a token of appreciation presented by Dean Hwalla and Dr. Toufeili..

On behalf of the FAFS, we wish Mr. Touma the very best in all his future projects and activities, hoping that he will have a relaxing and happy retirement.



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