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2010 News and Events

February 2010

The healing power of food

Carla Habib Mourad highlighted the preventative aspects of food, during a presentation entitled "The Healing Power of Food: The Role of Food in the Treatment and prevention of disease." The presentation was organized by the Women's League.

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AUB researchers help find ways to market agro-foods

Entitled "Effective public policies for the marketing of Lebanese agro-food products," the conference was held on February 17 and attended by politicians, engineers, professors as well as students, thus reflecting the important role this sector plays in the Lebanese economy and in the lives of the general public.

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April 2010

FAFS professors at AUB train Baalbek farmers

Four professors at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science (FAFS), Issam Bashour, Musa Nimah, Youssef Abu Jawdah, and Mustapha Haidar, provided training sessions on agriculture-related tasks and demonstrations of farm machinery to farmers of the Bekaa Valley on February 19, February 25, March 5 and March 19, 2010.

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Elham and Joseph Cicippio establish 'Endowed Research Fund' at FAFS

Elham and Joseph Cicippio, who were formerly affiliated with AUB, have decided to establish a research fund in their name to "celebrate their high regard and long association with the University."

The Cicippios visited campus on April 8, 2010 to present a check to Provost Ahmad Dallal and Professor Nahla Hwalla, dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS), for the "The Elham and Joseph Cicippio Endowed Research Fund."

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May 2010

Agricultural cooperatives discussed in AREC workshop

Some of the major problems the agriculture sector in Lebanon suffers from include mismanagement, over-productivity of certain crops, and the lack of cooperative work and markets. These problems were addressed in the "Establishment and Management of Cooperatives" workshop that took place at AREC on May 15, 2010 and was attended by farmers from the Deir El Almar region, representatives from the Beqa'a cooperatives, and current students. It was funded by the "Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria" from Italy.

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AVERDA contributes to the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS) Career Development Center

AVERDA and FAFS struck a strategic partnership with the donation of $5000 to support the faculty's Career Development Center (CDC) on May 14, 2010.

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AUB Honey Day strives to preserve greenery

AUB's Annual Honey Day, "Bee Not Mean, Let's Go Green!" was held on May 26, 2010, on the lower campus and was hosted by Professor Rami Ollaik's honey-making class.

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ESDU celebrates 10 years of active work for the environment

Members of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS) at AUB gathered on May 21, 2010, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU).

Speaking at the ceremony, FAFS Dean Nahla Hwalla underlined the vital role FAFS had played in introducing the green revolution to Lebanon and the region "where the main challenge was to feed an ever-growing population and at the same time addressing environmental and natural resources challenges."

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June 2010

Tanmia Contributes $5,000 to the FAFS Career Development Center

Tanmia, one of the leading chicken meat-processing companies in the Middle East, donated $5000 to the Career Development Center at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences on June 14, 2010.

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July 2010

AUB professor first non-US citizen to be recognized by Utah State University

"It's when you give of yourself that you truly give. We can surely say that Dr. Nimah made a difference by giving a big part of himself." This is how AUB Professor of Agriculture Musa Nimah, was described by his graduating students.

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August 2010

The first 'Nutrition in Emergencies' professional training course held at AUB

The first "Nutrition in Emergencies" (NIE) professional training course, facilitated by the NIE Regional Training Initiative, was successfully organized and hosted by the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS) at AUB from September 13 till September 18, 2010. The course attracted 17 participants from NGOs, UN agencies, and academic institutions in Lebanon and the region, allowing participants from different backgrounds to share their extensive experience and learn from renowned experts in the field.

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September 2010

NFSC department offers new 3 credit Graduate course in Food Packaging

This course provides the students with the basic knowledge regarding food packaging materials, machinery and technology. It provides an overview of the elements of packaging science and engineering applied to the preservation, distribution and marketing of various food products.

This course also explains the different procedures and food safety requirements for developing, evaluating and testing of food packages in accordance to international standards.

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October 2010

Students and faculty receive training on sustainable agricultural practices in Germany

Ten agriculture students and two professors were invited by the University of Applied Sciences in Triesdorf, Germany for a two-week summer training program on conservation agriculture, which promotes sustainable agricultural practices. Enrolled in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS), the seven undergraduate and three graduate students were joined by FAFS Professors Mustapha Haidar and Musa Nima as well as students and faculty members from Jordan, Syria, and Germany.Initiated by FAFS Professor Issam Bashour, the two-week training program was held in Weidenbach, Germany from September 20 to October 4, 2010

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AUB launches Landscape Architecture as new profession in Lebanon and Arab World

The Department of Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management at the American University of Beirut launched the first initiative in Lebanon and the region to formalize the profession of landscape architecture as a new and independent profession. The University organized Beirut Landscape Symposium 2010 on October 22-23, 2010 under the auspices of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) and the European Federation of Landscape Architects (EFLA) and with financial support from Solidere

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Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management




AUB study finds that most vegetables and fruits are relatively pesticide-free

The research in Lebanon is the first of its kind that combines food consumption data along with contamination data and was conducted by Assistant Professors of Nutrition and Food Sciences Lara Nasreddine and Zeina Kassaify through a jointly funded grant of some $20,000 from AUB and the World Health Organization (WHO). The team based their study on a representative sample of the adult population of Beirut and the semi-rural area of Kisirwan by first conducting a survey of foods consumed by adults in the two regions to characterize the diet and contrive a "market basket" for each area.

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AUB joins forces with Nestle to fight obesity among Lebanon's schoolchildren through research

Both established in 1866, the American University of Beirut (AUB) and Nestle have joined hands 144 years after their mutual birth to help bring a healthier future to the children of Lebanon through the launch of the "Nestle Healthy Kids Global Program -- Ajyal Salima," a coming together of an AUB initiative -- "Kanz Al-Soha" -- and a global Nestle program -- Nestle Healthy Kids -- which share the common aim of entrenching nutritional awareness, better eating habits, and a more active lifestyle among 9-11 year-old schoolchildren in Lebanon, and progressively the rest of the Middle East.

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December 2010

AUB-UNRWA socio-economic survey provides first-time figures on Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Only about 270,000 Palestinian refugees, of the 425,000 officially registered in Lebanon, actually live here. Of those, about 70,000 need jobs, and only 6,000 can compete with qualified Lebanese job-seekers. These are the most recent figures unveiled by an AUB-UNRWA socio-economic survey that spanned 2,600 Palestinian refugee households nationwide, including non-registered refugees, over a six-month period in 2010..

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  AUB agriculture researchers develop new plant virus detection kits

Research conducted by the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS) of the American University of Beirut (AUB) has successfully resulted in the development of detection kits for two important plant viruses. The kits, now commercialized by a Swiss company, promise to decrease virus detection costs while contributing to the improvement of agricultural yield. 

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Agriculture and food science students to enjoy new lounge

The student lounge of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science (FAFS) reopened its doors on November 1, 2010 after renovation works that lasted almost a year with funds provided by the President's Club. President Peter Dorman, Provost Ahmad Dallal, Dean of FAFS Nahla Hwalla, Professor Imad Toufeili (Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences), Professor Mustapha Haidar (Department of Agricultural Sciences), Laila Baroudi and others attended the event.

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