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AUB Societies
Food and Agriculture Student Society 

Mission Statement. Our aim is to encourage students from the Agriculture, Agribusiness, and Food science majors to participate in group activities by which they can share ideas, organize entertaining outings, coordinate debates, lectures, and take their knowledge beyond the Lecture halls. In doing so the importance of such majors in our world today is showcased on campus and participating students become better equipped with basic knowledge necessary to tackle problems in the Agriculture and Food industries.


Landscape Student Society

Mission Statement. To provide Landscape Design students with the opportunity to interact with the related professional discipline in order to establish themselves later on in the working field.

Nutrition Society

Mission Statement. More awareness about nutrition and health among AUB students and the society. Nutritional events will be done also to gather the nutrition students and create and more friendly environment.

External Societies

Lebanese Association for Nutrition and Food Sciences:

A large segment of the Association’s work focuses on raising awareness of the Lebanese public on healthy nutritional behavior. This goal is being successfully achieved through several conferences, exhibitions and sessions directed to the public as well as to the scientific communities in Lebanon and the region.

The Association constantly provides direction for quality dietetic practice and nutrition education. It ensures continuous updates for its members through seminars and scientific conference. The Association is continuously participating in international and regional meetings held on nutrition and food sciences and promoting the scientific role of Lebanon in these sectors. In addition, the Association offers consultancy to governmental and private institutions on Nutrition and Food Sciences.

LANFS is involved in conducting community based nutrition and food science research and disseminating the results through seminars and conferences to its members and for the public.

Through its projects, LANFS has provided a platform for training and information sharing receiving support from governmental bodies, non-governmental institutions, and the private sector such as the Ministry of Public Health and WHO. In addition, LANFS is an adhering body of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS).



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