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Center for Research on Population and Health (CRPH)
  • Matthias Schmale, Director of UNRWA Lebanon, visits Shatila in support of CRPH’s “Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Children” project. Read more>
  • How are young Arab women and men doing in the context of turbulence that has characterized the region, particularly over the past few years? This is the question that brought together 28 international and regional researchers from 10 countries who convened and regional researchers in College Hall at the American University of Beirut to participate in a workshop entitled "Health and Wellbeing of Arab Youth." Read more


Recent Publications

Akik C., El Bawab L., Ghattas H., Obeid O., El-Jardali, F. K2P Dialogue Summary: Informing Salt Iodization Policies in Lebanon to Ensure Optimal Iodine Nutrition. Knowledge to Policy (K2P) Center. Beirut, Lebanon; 2016.

Akik C., El-Mallah C., Ghattas H., Obeid O, El-Jardali F. K2P Policy Brief: Informing Salt Iodization Policies in Lebanon to Ensure Optimal Iodine Nutrition. Knowledge to Policy (K2P) Center, Beirut, Lebanon; 2016.

Ghattas, H., Sassine, A. J., Aqeel, M., Hwalla, N., Obeid, O. A., & Sahyoun, N. R. (2017). Children’s Experiences of Food Insecurity in Lebanon: A Qualitative Study. Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, 1-12.

Mesmar, S.Talhouk, R., Akik, C., Olivier, P., Elhajj, I. H., Elbassuoni, S., & Ghattas, H. (2016). The impact of digital technology on health of populations affected by humanitarian crises: Recent innovations and current gaps. Journal of Public Health Policy, 37(2), 167-200.

Osborn, M., & Obermeyer, C. M. (2016). Understanding client satisfaction with HIV testing and counseling services: a mixed-methods study in four African countries. AIDS care, 28(6), 689-694.

Talhouk, R., Mesmar, S., Thieme, A., Balaam, M., Olivier, P., Akik, C., & Ghattas, H. (2016). Syrian refugees and digital health in Lebanon: Opportunities for improving antenatal health. In Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 331-342). ACM.

Announcements & Events

Save the Date:
No one left behind: A feasible goal for the health SDGs in the Arab region?
June 6-8, 2017
Further details to be announced soon.

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