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Suliman S. Olayan School of Business
Life after the Program  - BBA

Our business students receive the best job offers in Lebanon and the Middle East region and many go on to pursue graduate students in top US and European Universities. All OSB students secure employment in positions relevant to their fields within three months of graduation. Two years after graduating, they typically assume mid-level positions in their respective industries and companies. Many stay connected with their alma mater to mentor OSB students or to reconnect with their professors and classmates.


Here’s what our BBAs have to say about their professional and personal experiences at OSB:

“Being a Business Student has been a challenging yet a wonderful experience. It taught me how to cope with stress, meet Deadlines, and work in Groups. It also gave me the opportunity to learn from great professors, to be creative and to discover my interest in finance. All in all, I enjoyed every moment regardless of the difficulties and challenges of the students life.”

Sygrid Abdo, OSB BBA, 2012

“Being a Business student has taught me several things among which collaborating with peers, working in groups, managing projects, meeting deadlines, and being organized.The faculty developed my interest in finance and management through providing the best professors and advisors who guided me through professional life. Finally, I can’t but mention the great experience of meeting many excellent professional people, ambitious and future bright people and of course friends for life.”

Melissa Mnessa, OSB BBA, 2012

“Leaving the school of business hasn’t been as exciting as I thought it would be. I received that three years were not enough for me to capture all the benefits it offers. However I consider having learned a lot about the way function together to increase the shareholders’ profits and the firm’s value.For the future, I recommend that some practical experiences/projects will be added to most of the course so that students link their academic work to real life challenges.”

Sally Khalife, OSB BBA, 2011

“My learning experience at the OSB has been my single most interesting life experience. I was stretched and challenged by the rigor of the program, my professors, and the caliber of my peers. Simultaneously, I was given the opportunity to hone my leadership and teamwork skills outside the classroom. Armed with the OSB degree - a degree that is unique with a global reputation, I have infinite opportunities available to me.”

Hassan ElHoury, OSB BBA, 2001
Pursuing an MBA at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

“Academics are only a part of your business school experience at OSB. This is a place where you develop your personal values, your interests, and a network of alumni that will become central to your personal and professional life.”

Bassem Bitar, OSB BBA, 2002
Consultant, IBM Business Consulting Services - Strategy & Change

As a business student at AUB, I acquired the necessary skills and knowledge, and had the best professors to prepare me for becoming an assistant manager at a leading global professional services company, in just three years. At AUB, I met great professional people, ambitious students, future business leaders, and especially true friends for life. I look back at my university years and proudly say: "I graduated from the Business School at AUB!”

Michael Malek, OSB BBA, 2002
Assistant Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers

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