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​​Thanks to the generosity of numerous donors who have had the foresight to entrust the University Libraries with their donations, the Libraries at the American University of Beirut have received, in the past five years, several valuable collections of published as well as primary source material (books, photos, manuscripts, personal papers, etc.). 

 Our sincere gratitude goes to all the donors: their gifts have found a very good home. The donated collections will be preserved, accessed, studied, cherished, and valued by scholars from all over the world, for many years to come. ​

The gifts are many and cannot all be listed in detail; below are some of the main highlights (listed as received, in chronological order).  ​

​November 2014: The Saeb Nadim Jaroudi Collection:

Around 700 items were donated to the University Libraries by Mrs. Leila Jaroudi, in the name of her late husband, Dr. Saeb Jaroudi, former Economics professor at AUB. Dr. Jaroudi’s collection includes items in Western and Arabic languages and covers a variety of topics, mainly economics in Lebanon and the Middle East, and international trades. It also comprises many interesting items on Byzantine, Islamic and Roman Numismatics, Oriental Miniatures, Lebanese Arts and Paintings and Armenian Genocide and ranges in date from 1950 to 2013.​

September 2014: The Rashad Bibi Collection: 

The collection comprises 150 books published in or translated into Arabic between 1939 and 1987. The topics covered are Arabic Philosophy and Literature, Palestinian studies, Zionism, Orientalism and Islamic studies written by prominent Arab writers and philosophers such as Kheireddine Zarkali, Abū al-‘Alā’ al-Ma’arrī, Shākir Nabulsī, Edward Said and Amin Rihani. Translation from European and American writers, sociologists and philosophers such as Henri Frankfort, Michel Crozier or William Shakespeare are also available.

May 2014: Alexandra Jermulska Rymaszewska Collection: 

A small collection of archival material that document the life of Polish students at AUB during the 1940s, was donated by Ms. Rymaszewska, AUB former student (1946-47). The collection consists of an AUB Handbook 1946-1947, four AUB academic reports, (February 1946, June 1946, June 1947, April 1948), and 13 identified photos documenting Polish students' activities, 1946-1948, in addition to a short biography of Ms. Rymaszewska. In spite of its small size, the collection is of great interest for scholars curious about the international and liberal arts history of AUB.

April 2014: William West Collection: 

A collection of 196 family and personal letters written by William West, which document the Second World War in the region, and the living conditions of Americans in Lebanon and the region during this period, was recently donated by William West's son, David, to the AUB Archives and Special Collections. The letters were preserved by Mr. West's wife, Dorothy and passed on to David. The letters give us a rare and​ valuable glimpse into an under-documented period in the region, and constitute a treasure trove for historians and social scientists interested in WWII in the Middle East.

March 2014: The Asad Rustum Personal Papers Collection (1920s-1960s): 

The family of Dr. Asad Rustum has generously donated around two linear feet of personal papers, manuscripts, correspondence, proofs of articles and books by and about Dr. Asad Rustum, to the University Libraries. Many of the manuscripts (to be published by Balamand University) document the history of the Eastern Church in the region; other documents include correspondence, obituaries and letters from and to the family. They all document the illustrious career of Dr. Rustum, and give a glimpse of his rich life, the depth of his erudition, and culture.

March 2014: The Kamal Joumblatt Collection: 

MP Walid Beik Joumblatt donated 85 volumes written by Kamal Joumblatt, 75 of which were added to the University Libraries’ collections. An exhibit displaying the donated books “By and About Kamal Joumblatt” was organized and also displayed Mr. Joumblatt’s archival materials, photos, medals and other personal items that were on loan for the exhibit. After the exhibit, Walid Beik donated or shared copies of hundreds of items (manuscripts, audiovisual material, letters, etc.) on or by Kamal Joumblatt (most were not part of the exhibit).

March 2014: The Youssef Q. Khoury Collection: 

Youssef Q. Khoury’s collection was received at the University Libraries from his daughter, Ms. Rana Khoury. Former Director of theUniversity Libraries  (1978-1982) and author of several titles, Khoury’s collection includes 100 titles and contains many interesting items covering topics such as Islamic studies and Arab civilization, History of Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, Arabic literature and sciences, etc. The collection is available for the benefit of interested scholars. Given their scarcity, some items of this collection are housed in the University Libraries’ Closed Area.

February 2014: The Evelyne Bustros Collection (1878-2012): 

Approximately 2.4 linear feet of archival material were donated by the Bustros family to the AUB Libraries. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, press clippings, ledger accounting books, some published material, as well as other ephemera (posters, restaurant menus signed by various notable political figures of Mandate Lebanon, etc.). Many of the documents give a glimpse into the life of the notable Bustros family during the formation of the Lebanese state; some also document the political scene during Mandate Lebanon, as well as women’s activism during that period. This collection is a treasure trove for scholars interested in the history of Modern Lebanon, its economic and social history, as well as women’s studies.

September 2013: Dr. Samir Saleeby’s Collection:

More than 1,760 titles in 2,111 volumes were donated to the University Libraries by Dr. Samir Saleeby, a longtime generous supporter of AUB who, in December 2012, donated more than 60 original paintings by his father, Khalil Saleeby (1870-1928), one of the founders of modern art in Lebanon. Khalil Saleeby studied, worked and exhibited in Edinburgh, Paris, the USA and Lebanon and is known for his portraits and interest in the human form. The art collection was housed in a private residence for over 80 years before it was donated to AUB and constitutes a true national treasure (for more about the art collection go to​). In addition to the books and serials, several ​interesting medical instruments and equipment from the clinic and hospital of Dr. Saleeby were donated to the University libraries: these items will help document the history of medicine and science in the region, for the benefit of interested scholars.

July 2013: The Cesar Nasr Collection: 

The collection includes published books, personal papers and archival materials by the late Dr. Cesar Nasr, the founder of the Lebanese Ministry of
Environment (MOE) and its Minister from 1980 to 1982. The donation includes many of his​ published books, correspondence with prominent figures, press clippings and documents related to his research and his accomplishments in the field of environment and nature conservation,
with a special focus on his role in the foundation of the MOE and in preserving the Bentael Nature Reserve.

October 2012: The Muhieddin Yusuf Collection:

A longtime member of the Iraqi Academy of Science, Mr. Yusuf donated to the AUB Libraries, around 200 books from his personal library. Most publications predate 1954. Topics covered include Arabic literature, the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Education in Iraq, Geography and History of Iraq, Islamic Studies, Palestinian studies, etc.

August 2012: The Nadia Hanna Al-Deiry Photo Collection (1940-present):

In the summer of 2012, around four hundred photos documenting the history of athletic and sports activities at AUB, from 1940 to the present were donated by Mr. Al-Deiry to the Archives and Special Collections Department/Jafet Library, in the name of his wife. The collection contains many
interesting items, which document the various extra-curricular athletic activities on campus. These photos, often taken on the spot, constitute a treasure trove for scholars, historians, and artists interested in the history of athletics, photography, as well as the history of liberal arts colleges in the region.

June 2012: The Amin Al-Mumayiz Collection: 

700 items, including five titles authored by Mr. Amin AL Mumayiz (AUB alumnus, 1933) were donated by his son Mr. S​aleh Al-Mumayiz. Topics covered include international politics, politics and diplomacy in the Arab World, history, language, philosophy, etc. In addition, the collection contains 0.4 linear feet of archival material including personal papers, press clippings, correspondence, manuscripts and drafts of his published books, 28 postcards of Saudi Arabia, 80 personal photos, in addition to several photos published later in his books on Saudi Arabia and the United States. 

May 2012: Romanian Book Collection:

Eighty-nine books covering Romanian heritage and culture were received from the Romanian Embassy. The collection covers a variety of topics including Romanian folklore, Romanian civilization studies, literature, social history, art, photography, architecture, design, etc. The books were published between 1994 and 2011 and some are in Romanian while others are in Eng​lish. 

December 2011: The Collection of Dr. Constantine Zurayk: 

A collection of books and personal papers from Dr. Constantine Zurayk’s Library was donated to the University Libraries by his family. This valuable collection comprises 600 books on Arabic language and literature, Arab nationalism, history, literature, politics, etc. The collection also contains 18 linear feet of personal papers, including personal and professional correspondence, addresses, lectures, research material, notes, administrative and scholarly material related to the many academic and research institutions with which Dr. Zurayk was affiliated throughout his life, e.g., AUB, Damascus University, the Institute of Palestine Studies, etc. The donated papers range in date from 1920 to 2000, and constitute a wealth of material for all those interested in the intellectual history of the region.

​October 2010: Spanish Book Collection:

A collection of 430 published titles focusing on Spanish history, literature, art, architecture, culture and heritage were received from the Spanish
Embassy. The titles were published between the years 1993 and 2007. Most of the books in the collection are in Spanish, while others are in English.

There are several other large donations comprising thousands of books that have been donated by individuals and families to the AUB Libraries; these donations will be announced to the AUB community after their contents have become available for use by students, faculty, and researchers (hopefully, before the end of 2015).

The AUB Libraries is grateful for such bestowments, and looks forward to welcoming many
more valuable additions to its collections in the years to come. . .

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