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​​​​Last edited October, 2016​​​

Policy Statement

​Library events are organized to contribute to the scholarly and cultural life at AUB and constitute an important part of the University Libraries’ outreach and marketing activities. They aim to inform, educate, promote and at times entertain the community so as to encourage the use of Libraries' information resources and services.

Library events provide an excellent opportunity for the Libraries to engage in collaborative projects, especially with faculty members, student clubs and societies and others in the university community. This policy provides guidelines and general policies to facilitate the workflow
across concerned departments in the UL and at AUB.​


  • Nourish intellectual, aesthetic, and creative growth.
  • Educate the university community on particular collections in the library.
  • Educate the university community on particular library services or tools.
  • Promote the UL and better inter-community relations.
  • Recognize prominent writers and distinguished publications.
  • Recognize library supporters, friends, and donors.

Policies and Guidelines

​Event organizers are expected to follow these policies under the authority of the University Librarian. Event organizers are advised to refer to the “Event Checklist” for a list of the event details to consider.
  • ​Facility Booking: events taking place in a UL facility must be booked for at least three weeks in advance. Reserving the Jafet Library Lobby or the Antoun Ghattas Karam e- classroom is done via the LibCal:
  • Timing: events at the library should not be scheduled during reading periods, midterms, finals, or under other circumstances that might disrupt the quiet study of Library users, unless the events are workshops or are events that aim to reduce stress or assist students. Events will normally be scheduled between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Monday through Friday. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Organizers are advised to refer to the University Calendar to avoid overlap with other university events.
  • Room Setup: the event library seats, additional furniture and tools from outside the library should be requested by the event organizer ahead of time in cooperation with the UL Director’s Executive Officer and/or the concerned department (physical plant, student affairs, etc.).  Decorative material or attachments to the walls, ceilings, floors, etc. require prior approval from the Library Director.
  • Audio-visual and technical requirements need to be made at the time of reservation in coordination with the UL IT department.
  • Food Catering needs require approval by the UL Director and need to be coordinated with the UL Director’s Executive Officer and/or the concerned department (cafeteria, caterer etc.)
  • Photographer: Needs to be arranged by the event’s organizers via the Office of Communications or by using the skills of library staff members.
  • Entertainment: has to be approved by the University Librarian prior to the event to determine if it is appropriate for the facility.
  • Campus Security: needs to be notified of the event’s date and time as well as the list of visitors and vehicle details when applicable before the event. This must be coordinated with the UL Director’s Executive Officer.
  • Parking: if a guest requires on-campus parking, the organizers must coordinate with the Executive Officer at the UL Director’s office to enhance this matter with the Physical Plant.
  • Custodial needs, room setup and catering needs are taken into consideration to determine the need for extra cleaning pre-event and post-event. The event organizer should contact custodial service to do the extra work.
  • Event communication material and design: Refer to Graphic Design policies and procedures.
  • Event promotion: is the responsibility of the event organizer. He/she must make sure the promotion is done in a timely manner, using all available resources (Library premises, AUB campus billboards, UL news blog, UL Social Media and AUB social media and website, etc.)
  • News on UL blog and social media: It is best to promote any event at least one week ahead. Full details and any material (poster, photos, etc.) should be provided to the Outreach services in the Research and Instruction Services Department so that the blog post and the social media posts are published timely and correctly.
  • News on the AUB website should be coordinated with the Office of Communication beforehand. The UL graphic designer can prepare the required material for the AUB website (banner, Screens, etc.)
  • Media/VIP invitations: should be coordinated with the Office of Communication beforehand.
  • Book Signings require using the University’s vendor, AUB bookstore, or any other third party since no books are allowed to be sold by the library.


Event Checklist
​Venue booking
​3 weeks before event.
Event timing (Check University Calendar)
​4 weeks before event.
Event Communication Material
  • Content and Brief to be sent to Graphic designer 3 weeks in advance​​.
  • ​Design to be reviewed and proofread before dispatching.
  • Type of material to be sent with the brief depending on event type and audience so the graphic designer can prepare the material in a timely manner​.
  • Types of material include: Poster, flyer, online announcement on UL website, UL news blog, UL social media, AUB website and social media, AUB screens, AUB events, email, etc.
3-4 weeks before event.
Event Set-up (depending on requirements)
  • Te​​chnical requirements (UL IT)
  • Tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc. (Executive Officer and/or Physical Plant)
  • Catering (Executive Officer and/or Cafeteria)
  • Custodial services (cleaning, moving, etc.)
  • Entertainment (coordinate with Executive officer for approval from Director and with Office of communication for go-ahead and facilitating)
  • Photography: Ask from Office of Communication or from UL staff member after approval from their supervisor.
​2 ​weeks before event
Security and Campus Access (in coordination with Executive Officer)​
  • Visitors (clear with Protection Office and send list)
  • Vehicle entry (provide full vehicle details)
  • On-Campus Parking (get approval beforehand)
​2-3 days before event.
Event News/Announcement

1.   Announcement:​
  • ​​Send all details to RIS Outreach to post announcement on UL blog & Social Media.
  • For announcement on AUB website and AUB social media- send to Office of Communication.
  • For announcement to Media-send to Office of Communication.
  • Email announcement can be sent via AUB Libraries or via Office of communication depending on event type and audience.​
  • Announcement to faculty mailing list can be done via UL director or via office of communication.
​At least one week before event.

2.   News (after the event)

  • For news on UL blog, coordinate with RIS outreach.
  • For news on AUB website coordinate with Office of Communication (at least 2 weeks before event to send us a writer)
  • For news to be sent to media (press release) coordinate with Office of Communication at least 2 weeks before event to insure timeliness and accuracy.
​As close to event as possible (1 day after event is best, unless weekend)​

​​​Post- Event

  • ​Remove all material and furniture.
  • Make sure all venue is clear and clean (custodial services)
  • Evaluate event.

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