The Moore Collection: Franklin T. Moore Photographs (1892–1902)- Postcards


 Author: Franklin T. Moore 

 Subject: Lebanon & AUB
 Publication Date: 2017
 Number of Postcards: 8
 Postcard Dimensions: 15.1*10 cm

 Price: $3.5

Scenic views of both the AUB campus and Lebanon from the Moore Collection

Moore Collection postcard descriptions:

  1. Afka, Nahr Ibrahim
  2. Arched window view in Douma
  3. College Hall and lower campus
  4. College Hall from the northwest
  5. Lee Observatory from northwest of Bliss Hall
  6. Maseilha Castle
  7. SPC Medical Gate and Bliss Street
  8. View of Ain Mreisseh area from College Hall tower

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