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Online 2020-21 Past Lectures
Lateral Solidarities in Global South Graphic Novels and Comics with James Hodapp 

Recording password: PsMYMr3@

The Other Sovereignty: Majesty and Aesthetics in Early Modernity with Ethan John Guagliardo

Recording password: GyF2mym$

Akhbar Khadija Bt. Khuwaylid in the Islamic Sources: Frames of Narration, Memory, and History with Mariam El Ali

Ruin and Knowledge in Pera: The Invention of the Genoese Heritage in Istanbul in the Moment of Its Destruction

Recording password: Uvz3rmm$

Angels in medieval Sufi literature through the example of the Meccan Openings by Ibn ʿArabī

Recording password: 3rVQFh6$

The Problem of the Philistine

Recording password: tR8NBfR*

The Imperial School for Tribes (1892-1907)

Recording password: QsQ3knm*

Who wore the ring of Solomon according to Islamic sources? with Mariam El Ali

Recording password: rHrN5kA?

Lebanese Arabic, Lebanese English and language-mixing in Beirut: a phonetic study of monolingual and bilingual

Recording password: mJ3X8ze@ 

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Recording title: Art as Sanctuary

Recording password: BpKa7Ff*

Recording title: Epidemics and the Arts, a lecture by Georges Haddad MD

Recording password: YyU6NeJ*

Recording title: البداوة والمدنية في القرآن

Recording password: SuarAh@6

Recording title: What the Qāḍī Should Not Hear: Women, Eloquence, and the Poetics of Kināya in the Maqāma Šāmiyya of al-Hamaḏānī

Recording password: pTpMhv$3

Recording title: Birth of an idea: How and when did the idea of a Greater Lebanon emerge?

Recording password: hSfGiM@7

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