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Mission, Vision, and Pillars

​We are a multi-disciplinary and inter-professional regional platform driving forward an inclusive future by challenging structures and developing long-lasting policies and​ practices across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).


CIBL for Women serves as a focal point for advancing inclusive employer practices, policies and national strategies for women's participation and representation at the organizational and national levels in the MENA region. We are home to indigenous data, local and customized solutions, and multi-stakeholder partnerships.  


CIBL for Women aspires to a future inclusive of women across the region, supported by organizational and national leadership and employer structures. We work towards a region where policies and structures ensure the meaningful participation and representation of women and where decision-makers are informed and mobilized for inclusion. ​​

Committed to improving and supporting women's dignified work across the Arab MENA region. ​​
​ ​


I. Research

Regional research is conducted by CIBL for Women to assess the current reality of women's inclusion and participation in the workplace, gathering core insights in order to set attainable benchmarks. The research includes identifying barriers and challenges, as well as facilitators and opportunities to create more inclusive workplaces. CIBL for Women also derives best practices from businesses in the Arab MENA region, and ultimately creates the case for dignified work that serves individuals, communities and businesses to further gender parity. 

II. Capacity Building

Capacity building efforts are centered on employers. Our aim is to improve and enhance the skill sets of decision makers and gatekeepers, providing access to information and disseminating resources to be effectively used across various stakeholder groups. Accordingly, CIBL for Women offers executive education and managerial programs, leadership development programs, human resources support, gender sensitive training, coaching and mentorship programs, in addition to behavioral change facilitation workshops. 

III. Change mobilization through strengthening partnership networks

CIBL for Women ensures that the dialogue around female inclusion in the economic cycle reaches even the remotest communities, across the Arab MENA region. Change mobilization is driven through conferences, award ceremonies and networking events, for diverse communities to interact and share experiences. In addition, a key focus area is building a multi-sector partner network across the Arab MENA region, to identify and empower respective change makers within different societies. The dialogue is powered through content dissemination and discussions on online channels, including social media, podcasts and webinars. 

IV. Organizational policies and systems

To solidify its efforts and bring about sustainable change, CIBL for Women works diligently on policy making, advocacy and lobbying. Through the spread of insightful white papers, pushing forth gender mainstreaming strategies and enhancing processes, CIBL for Women works to bring about change from deep within organizations, to create a ripple effect across employers and economies in the region. The center oversees and creates change-focused curricula, as well as training tools and objective setting, and provides gender auditing toolkits and advocacy manuals to various stakeholders.

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