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Dean Mohtar’s Message to the 2019 Graduating Class


Dear Graduates,

Congratulations on a job well done!

As you take leave from the FAFS family and step into your futures, whether in the workforce or in further education, please revisit our FAFS and AUB core values – which will continue to serve you wherever your next steps may lead. I urge you to always remember that your FAFS and AUB family is, and will always be, an important part of who you are becoming. 

As you begin to work with others, in new and changing environments, remember that an environment of mutual respect is a constant that is critical for our interactions with others.  The enormous challenges of today require interdisciplinary approaches: no one person or approach can address them single handedly.  Interdisciplinary perspective provide the platform to effectively address the grand challenges posed by the need to achieve water, food, and health securities. Reach out to and learn from other disciplines, invite, share, even argue: this is the way to develop new, collaborative ideas and achieve progress. Just as Food, Landscape and Agricultural Sciences has a lot to contribute, so do social scientists, anthropologists, policy experts, physical scientists, engineers, businesses, and economists. Always see the challenges we face through a holistic, systems approach. Always address those challenges comprehensively and sustainably. 

Continue to strive for excellence in all that you do. Be engaged with your community: work to impact the people who live there; strive to build resilience. Remain true to FAFS motto: Healthy Earth, Healthy Food, Healthy People. Remember that the foundation of community resilience lies in the security of water, food, and health.

Diversity of ideas, ethnicities, gender, and soci-economic values enriches us all. In your work, strive to create and ensure equity and remember the value of integrity in all that you do. Allow your actions to speak for themselves. Learn from those around you: hear their points of view, seek convergence without compromise of your principles. The discipline of agriculture and food science is unique, and entrepreneurship is inherent to it: always find a way to adapt, to respond, and to move forward with new opportunities.

As you enter the newest class of AUB-FAFS alumni, we welcome and embrace you.  Congratulations! You make us proud to be FAFS!

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