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Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS)
Dr. Hadi Jaafar Won the C. A. and C. C. Rebeiz Award for Agricultural Research

​​​​​​​​​Dr. Hadi Jaafar won the CA and CC Rebeiz Award for Agricultural Research for the year of 2015, which is dedicated for promoting agricultural research at AUB. His paper “Impact of the Syrian Conflict on Irrigated Agriculture in the​ Orontes Basin” was selected for this prize by the Constantine Rebeiz Committee and published in the International Journal of Water Resources Development. This paper was co-authored with Dr. Rami Zurayk (LDEM Department, FAFS), Dr. Caroline King (School of Geography and the Environment, Oxford University Centre for the Environment, UK) as well as Ms. Farah Ahmad and Mr. Rami Al-Outa (AGRI and LDEM Departments, FAFS).

The paper analyzes the impact of conflict in Syria on irrigated agriculture and crop production in the Orontes River Basin, using a remote sensing-based model. The developed approach demonstrated effectiveness in quantifying and geo-locating hotspots where conflicts have the strongest impact on agricultural water use, agricultural production, and eventually support relief an​d regional agricultural reconstruction in Syria and other conflict-affected regions.

To read the paper abstract, please click h​ere.

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