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Research day at AREC

​FAFS faculty, staff and students from Department of Agriculture, the WEFRAH research group,  the UNIFERT global community (sister countries from Jordan, Syria and Iran), dealers and big farmers, and other guests showcased their final projects in an exceptional FAFS research and UNIFERT open field day (July 31) during which they learned about the projects and ongoing research at AREC, and attended UNIFERT’s field day on the trials of their wide variety of vegetables at UNIFERT’s site.

During the event, WEFRAH principle investigators (PIs) toured AREC facilities to check their research space needs, with an eye toward launching the set-up of their newly funded WEFRAH projects at AREC. With the help of the AREC leadership and the WEFRAH coordination team, the PIs were able to envision possibilities and the potentials for current and future interdisciplinary research at AREC.

UNIFERT used the same opportunity to launch an open field day, during which guests were able to tour the facility and witness the huge variety of vegetables and crops in the AREC fields.

Furthermore, third year agriculture students presented their projects (AGSC 223), adopting the “hands-on experience model” and including hydroponic for lettuce production; verti-culture for iceberg production; broiler production and management in conventional poultry house; and integrated aquaculture-agriculture system: assessing insect infestation and growth of bean and skinny pepper.

AREC Director, Mustapha Haidar, briefed visitors regarding the objectives and learning outcomes of AGSC 223 and projects that integrate hands-on experience in animal and field crops with the knowledge of production and management of crops and broilers. 

Dr. Haidar also introduced FAFS faculty’s ongoing research at AREC, including:

  • Rimsulfuron and Sub-lethal doses of glyphosate for orobanche management in potato, Dr. Mustapha Haidar
  • Management of potato growth with fertilizers, Dr. Isam Bashour
  • Broiler production and management in solar poultry house, Dr. Darine Salam
  • Integrated aquaculture-agriculture system: biological control of insects with Amblyseius swirskii and Phytoseiulus persimilis in pepper, Drs. Imad Saoud, Yusuf Abu-Jawdeh and Mustapha Haidar
  • Assessment of Shredded Paper as a Soil Mulch, Drs. Isam Bashour and Sandra Yanni
  • Uptake of Antibiotics (Gentamicin and Oxytetracycline) Plants, Drs. Isam Bashour and Sandra Yanni

The visitors also enjoyed lunch, compliments of Unifert, and a WEFRAH team discussion during which each of the PIs introduced and explained their projects as they visited the research plots associated with WEFRAH. ​​

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