Forestscaping: How to Bring Back Our Lost Forests in Cities by Shubhendu Sharma

Shubhendu Sharma, Founder and Director, Afforestt, delivered the lecture: Forestscaping: How to Bring Back Our Lost Forests in Cities on April 1, at FAFS.

In his talk, Shubhendu Sharma discussed the Miyawaki method of afforestation and the mission of his enterprise ‘Afforestt’ to bring back native forests, specializing in making natural forests of native species in urban landscapes. Compared to conventional plantations these forests are 30 times denser, maintenance free and can be created in spaces as small as just 100 square meters. Mr. Sharma visited Beirut to work on the Beirut River Urban Reforestation Pilot Project as part of Beirut RiverLESS initiative by theOtherDada. 

About the speaker:

Shubhendu Sharma is an eco-entrepreneur, founder and director of ‘Afforestt’, a for-profit enterprise established in India in 2011 and devoted to planting native forests for all kinds of clients, from farmers to corporations to city governments. Mr. Sharma is an expert in Miyawaki method of afforestation. By integrating art, design and forests, Afforestt has been creating forestscapes in urban spaces, creating a natural forest like environment in otherwise heavily urbanised spaces using an accelerated method.