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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We have made every effort to identify opportunities for which FAS graduate students would be eligible to apply. On this page, you will find several opportunities such as scholarships, awards, travel grants, conference funding, research paper funding, exchange opportunities, fellowships, and other forms of student funds.

We hope that you obtain the utmost benefit out of this page. We also look forward to hear about your experience in any of these opportunities. You can always contact us at​

    Student Funding Opportunities

    • TWAS-NRF doctoral program fellowships​ [Biology]
      (Added: June 06, 2023 ​- Deadline: August 01, 2024)
    • D. Ross Robertson Research Fellowship Awards for Field Studies of Neotropical Deep-Reef fishes [Ichthyology; Marine Biology]​ (Added: November 01, 2022 ​- Deadline: July 31, 2024)​​​

    • Visiting researcher support programme grants [Computer Science]
      (Added: June 08, 2023 ​- Deadline: June 30, 2024)​


    Title: TWAS-NRF doctoral program fellowships
    Funding agency: The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), INT 
    Application deadline: August 01, 2024
    Full announcement here

    The World Academy of Sciences, together with the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, invites applications for its BIOTEC postdoctoral fellowship programme. This enables young scientists to pursue advanced research in biotechnology or a related discipline at the National Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Thailand.

    One fellowship is available, tenable for between one and two years and providing a monthly allowance to cover living costs.

    Nationals of developing countries, other than Thailand, who have obtained their PhD in the past three years and are no more than 40 years old on the date of the application submission may apply. Applicants must be regularly employed and hold a research assignment at an institution in their home country. They may not hold a visa for temporary or permanent residency in Thailand or any developed country. Applicants should have obtained their PhD in biotechnology, molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, biosensors technology or a related discipline no more than five years ago. An official acceptance letter from BIOTEC is required.

    [Ichthyology; Marine Biology]
    Title: D. Ross Robertson Research Fellowship Awards for Field Studies of Neotropical Deep-Reef fishes
    Funding agency: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), US
    Award am ount: USD 30,000
    Application deadline: July 31, 2024
    Full announcement here

    The Smithsonian Institution invites submissions for its D Ross Robertson research award fellowship for field studies on neotropical deep-reef fishes. This supports field research on any aspects of the biology of living reef-fishes found between 40-300m, anywhere in the Neotropics. Proposals for collaborative research involving both the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the

    Division of Fishes of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History are encouraged. The funds provided cover the awardee's travel to and from the research site and living expenses while conducting fieldwork there. Priority will be given to proposals that indicate a high standard of research productivity, creativity, and interactivity.

    Enrolled predoctoral students for recent PhDs who are formally affiliated with a research or teaching institution may apply. All applicants need at least one advisor who is a STRI staff scientist, and, if appropriate for the project, an NMNH fish curator as a co-advisor.

    Awards are worth up to USD 30,000. Awards do not include a stipend or cover costs of related laboratory research.​​

    [Computer Science]
    Title: Visiting researcher support programme grants
    Funding agency: International Information Science Foundation (IISF), INT
    Award amount: JPY 70,000
    Application deadline: June 30, 2024
    Full announcement here

    The International Information Science Foundation invites applications for its visiting researcher support programme grants. These support the travel expenses of young computer scientists who wish to visit Japan for research purposes. Eligible activities include giving presentations at international conferences in Japan, or conducting research at Japanese universities or research institutes.

    Scientists conducting fundamental research, including graduate studies, in information or computer science at a university or research institute may apply. They should be citizens of a country other than Japan and be 40 years of age or under.​

    ​ ​


    • Elsevier research scholarship [Organic Chemistry]
      (Added: February 16, 2023 ​- Deadline: May 15, 2024)
    • Generation Google Scholarship: for women in computer science (Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa) [Computer Science]
      (Added: April 19, 2023 ​- Deadline: May 16, 2024)

    ​[Organic Chemistry]

    Title: Elsevier research scholarship
    Funding agency: RELX Group, GB
    Award am ount: EUR ​​2,500
    Application deadline: May 15, 2024
    Full announcement here

    The RELX Group together with the Organic Geochemistry journal and Elsevier invite applications for its Elsevier research scholarship. These support early-career scientists undertaking research in the field of organic geochemistry. These are intended to encourage exchange of ideas, expertise and techniques and cultivate the scientific dialogue. Research may be undertaken at the home institution or at a different university or commercial or industry laboratory. 

    Applicants must be students currently undertaking Masters or PhD studies who wish to use the award to conduct a period of research related to their thesis, or newly qualified post doctoral scientists who are within one year following the completion of their PhD studies.  

    [Computer Science]
    Title: Generation Google Scholarship: for women in computer science (Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa)
    Funding agency: Google Scholarships and Programs, US
    Award am ount: EUR 7,000
    Application deadline: May 16, 2024
    Full announcement here 

    The Generation Google Scholarship: for women in computer science was established to help students pursuing computer science degrees excel in technology and become leaders in the field. Scholarships will be awarded based on the strength of each candidate's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, demonstrated leadership, and academic performance.​

    External Awards

    • Sheikh Zayed book award [Archaeology of the Middle East & the Levant; Middle Eastern History; Middle Eastern Languages; Middle-Eastern Literature; Middle Eastern Studies; Politics & Economics of the Middle East​] (Added: August 11, 2023 ​- Deadline: October 01, 2024)

    • Malcolm H. Kerr Dissertation Awards  [Arts and Humanities; Middle Eastern Studies; Social Sciences​](Added: April 19, 2023 ​- Deadline: July 01, 2024)

    ​[Archaeology of the Middle East & the Levant; Middle Eastern History; Middle Eastern Languages; Middle-Eastern Literature; Middle Eastern Studies; Politics & Economics of the Middle East​]

    Title: Sheikh Zayed book award
    Funding agency: Sheikh Zayed Book Award, AE
    Award am ount: AED 750,000
    Application deadline: October 01, 2024
    Full announcement here

    The Sheikh Zayed Book Award is inviting submissions. This recognises writers, intellectuals and publishers, as well as young talent whose writing and translation in humanities enriches Arab intellectual, cultural, literary and social life. The award has 10 categories:
    • Arabic culture in other languages - recognises written works produced in languages other than Arabic, tackling the Arab civilisation and culture;
    • Children's literature - covers literary, scientific and cultural books addressing children's groups and adolescence;
    • Contribution to the development of nations - consists of books in the fields of economics, sociology, management, politics, law and theology that contribute to a nation's advancement;
    • Cultural personality of the year - recognises a prominent Arab or international figure (or organization) who has contributed to the advancement of the Arabic culture, embodies through his/her work tolerance and promotes peaceful coexistence;
    • Editing of Arabic manuscripts - dedicated to efforts in editing Arabic manuscripts in any field of knowledge in the Arabic tradition;
    • Literary and art criticism - covers works of criticism in the fields of art, cinema, music, theatrical plays, studies of image, architecture, sculpture, historical ruins, folkloric arts, and history of literature and theories;
    • Literature - recognises works across various categories of literature;
    • Publishing and technology - includes publishers, distributors, research institutions and cultural institutions that promote culture;
    • Translation - recognises translated works, either to or from Arabic;
    • Young author - recognises works in science, literature and culture, fine arts and humanities in addition to scientific theses that are published and produced by authors younger than 40.​

    [Arts and Humanities; Middle Eastern Studies; Social Sciences]
    Title: Malcolm H. Kerr Dissertation Awards
    Funding agency: Middle East Studies Association (MESA), US
    Award am ount: USD 1,000
    Application deadline: July 01, 2024
    Full announcement here​

    The MESA Dissertation Awards were established in 1982 to recognize exceptional achievement in research and writing for/of dissertations in Middle East studies. In 1984 the award was named for Malcolm H. Kerr to honor his significant contributions to Middle East studies. Awards are given in two categories: Social Sciences and Humanities.

    ​All students completing their dissertations between July 1 of last year and June 30 of this year are eligible to submit entries for the Malcolm H. Kerr Dissertation Awards. Dissertations must be nominated by the author's advisor or someone who served on the dissertation committee.



    The Lindau Meetings strive to offer every young scientist around the globe a chance to apply for participation in a Lindau Meeting. Therefore, if your institution will not be able to nominate, we will work out an alternative application route for interested young scientists from your country/region. In that case, we will contact you again and inform you about the application options for young scientists from your country/region.

    ​Lindau Meeting Impact on AUB:

    ​In addition to the direct impact on the personal growth of our students, the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting has also given AUB tremendous visibility. For example, after Nataly Nasr El Dein's participation, she invited Nobel Laureate Varmus to visit AUB. Supported by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), Varmus's visit eventually led to him becoming a member of AUB's International Advisory Council. This demonstrates the potential long-term benefits of student participation in events like the Lindau Meeting, which can help to foster important connections and collaborations with global leaders in academia and industry.

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