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Arabic for Visiting, Exchange and Non-Degree Students

CAMES and the Arabic Department provide students from around the world with the opportunity to study Arabic as a Foreign Language (AFL) at the American University of Beirut. AUB offers AFL classes all year round in fall, spring and summer​. Students may take classes in Arabic Language and Culture (Standard Arabic) and Colloquial Lebanese Arabic at all levels of proficiency without enrolling for a degree program at AUB.

To spend a fall or spring semester studying Arabic at AUB, you may apply as a Visiting, Exchange, or Non-Degree Student​​. The Arabic classes listed below are offered each fall and spring semester - in ​fall from late August to mid-December, and in spring from late January to mid-May.

Check out the CAMES Summer Arabic Programs if you are interested in intensive Arabic study over the summer.  

Note that the fall and spring AFL programs will provide up to 10  hours of AFL instruction per week. The courses are sequential and prerequisites of each other so students may register for only two AFL courses per semester: one in Arabic Language and Culture and one in Colloquial Lebanese Arabic. 

For descriptions of the Arabic classes listed below, see the AUB graduate catalogue or undergraduate catalogue​​.

Arabic Communication Skills Requirements for Degree-Seeking Students 

Starting in Fall 2023, incoming undergraduate students who did not do the Lebanese Baccalaureate are no longer exempted from Arabic under the new General Education​ requirements. Students must take one Arabic course during their undergraduate degree to fulfill the Arabic Communication Skills requirement. CAMES will conduct the Arabic placement exam to place students in a course which is appropriate for their Arabic skills. The placement exam is free of charge and students may contact CAMES on or extension 3849 for information on how to take it. ​Based on the exam result, we will place each student in one of the Arabic Language and Culture courses below.

​Arabic Language and Culture​

  • ARAB 203/MEST 321 Beginners Arabic as a Foreign Language I
  • ARAB 204/MEST 322 Beginners Arabic as a Foreign Language II
  • ARAB 205/MEST 323 Intermediate Arabic as Foreign Language III
  • ARAB 206/MEST 324 Intermediate Arabic as a Foreign Language IV
  • ARAB 207/MEST 325 Advanced Arabic as Foreign Language V​
  • ARAB 208/MEST 326 Advanced Arabic as a Foreign Language VI
  • ARAB 209/MEST 327 Advanced ​​Arabic as a Foreign Language VII 

Colloquial Lebanese Arabic

  • MEST 240/340 Introduction to Lebanese Arabic
  • MEST 241/341 Intermediate Lebanese Arabic
  • MEST 242/342 Advanced Lebanese Arabic 


​​Don't hesitate to email CAMES​ if you have any questions about studying Arabic at AUB!

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