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Placement into Communication Skills Courses

The study and practice of writing is a complex activity and the hallmark of a liberal education. The General Education Program​​ embodies AUB’s commitment to providing its undergraduate students with a rigorous curriculum in a liberal education model. Your general education requirements include a minimum of two writing courses in the Communication Skills Program (CSP). To determine the right courses for you, we take into consideration both the test scores submitted to meet the Readiness for University Study in English (RUSE) requirement and the scores on AUB’s Writing Placement Test.

Placement Process and Criteria

In most cases, in order to determine which writing course in CSP is right for you, you will need to submit a test score to demonstrate RUSE. This score provides general information on your English language proficiency.  For more information and details about how to demonstrate RUSE, you can visit the English Language Requirements page on the Office of Admissions website.​

The below table summarizes the criteria for placement in each CSP course: ​


TOEFL IBT score 52-57
IELTS Academic score 5.5
AUB-EN score 25-27
If your IELTS score is 5.5, further assessment by CSP will determine whether your placement is in either English 100A or English 100B. Please contact the CSP office in person to learn more about this. ​
​TOEFL IBT score 58-68
IELTS Academic score 5.5
AUB-EN score 28-31​


SAT s​core 530
TOEFL IBT score 69-78
IELTS Academic score 6.0
AUB-EN score 32-39
If you are entering your first semester at AUB, placed in English 102, and wish to take one last chance at placement in English 203, visit the Testing Center​ to view the schedule of AUB-EN and sign up for a test.

It is not possible to test out of English 203. However, you can transfer credits for English 203, if you have taken an equivalent course elsewhere. To know more about how to obtain an equivalence for English 203, visit the Student Services Office in your faculty.
You cannot place directly in English 204 unless you received course equivalence for English 203.
You cannot place directly in English 206 unless you received course equivalence for English 203.

Once registered at AUB, a student cannot sit for the AUB-EN.


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