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Studio Arts

​​​The Studio Arts BA Program is a sequential curricular structure organized to provide undergraduate art students with a strong foundation in studio skills: drawing, painting, sculpture, analog photography, digital photography and video. The three current SART full-time faculty members while trained and skilled in studio techniques, do not espouse a conventional approach to the deployment of these techniques nor do they promote in their teaching a fidelity to the traditions of art. Rather, they all teach through the lenses of their own current practices in which past, present and future of art are constantly being recomposed in dynamic constellations. The SART BA Program encourages a dynamical recalling of art from within current concerns and develops in students an ability to employ a large array of knowledge and skills with a readiness to open up towards post-studio art practices.

Program Learning Outcome

S​tudents will:

1.         Have an applied knowledge of studio art techniques. 

2.         Have an ability to carry out skilled visual representations. 

3.         Know the history of artistic techniques and their development. 

4.         Understand the technical specificity of each technique and its conceptual extension.

5.         Know the art theories of the late 19th, 20th and early 21st century.

6.         Understand how to employ these theories in developing their own projects. 

7.         Know how to think creatively about art and theory.

8.         Have a critical enthusiasm for the role of art in society. 

The credit distribution of the SART BA curriculum is as follows: 

30 credits of studio arts + 9 credits of art history and theory + 15 credits of free electives + 36 credits in general education required courses.

Numbering and names of SART major courses:

  • SART 200 Drawing
  • SART 201 Painting I
  • SART 202 Painting II
  • SART 221 Painting III

  • SART 203 Sculpture
  • SART 204 Sculpture After the Monument
  • SART 205 The Technological Imagination
  • SART 222 Sculpture After Sculpture

  • SSART 206 Analog Photography
  • SSART 207 Digital Image
  • ​SSART 208 Moving Image

  • SSART 223 Advanced Image Making
  • SART 209 Advanced Studio Practice 
  • SART 220 ST in Studio Art 

The credit distribution of the SART minor curriculum is as follows:     

 SART 200 Drawing (0.6; 3 cr.), SART 203 Sculpture (0.6; 3 cr.), SART 206 Analog Photography (0.6; 3 cr.), AHIS 251 Theories of Modern Art, 3.0: 3 cr.) and one of​ the following courses: SART 201 Painting I (0.6; 3 cr.) or SART 204 Sculpture After Sculpture (0.6; 3 cr.) or SART 207 Digital Image (0.6; 3 cr.) 

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