American University of Beirut

GECI-PH Network Coordinating Committee

​Governance Structure

Coordinating Committee members:​​

​​Leslie London

Chair of P​ublic Health Medicine | University of Cape Town

Angela Carriedo

Communications Secretary | World Public Health Nutrition

Niamh Fitzgerald​

Professor of Alcohol Policy, University of Stirling

Tess Legg

PhD student, University of Bath

Robert Ralston

Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh​​

Membership Committee:

Objective: Supports membership growth in addition to providing input and feedback regarding membership needs and policies.


  • Decide on actions related to membership applications

  • Review and approve/reject the membership applications, based on information provided in the 'conflict of interest declaration' forms:

  • Follow up with members so that they update the content of their 'conflict of interest declarations' forms, on an annual basis

  • Review the 'conflict of interest policy' of the network and the 'conflict of interest declaration' form every 3 year, or as necessary

  • Collect the 'confidentiality' forms for all members

  • Recommend action on erring members after due process for final decision by the coordinating group (see App B, membership and communications guidelines).


  • Jihad Makhoul: Professor | American University of Beirut

  • Katherine Cullerton: Research Fellow | University of Queensland

  • Mélissa Mialon: Honor ary Research Fellow | University of Sao Paulo

  • Tilakavati Karupaiah: Professor | Taylor's University​

Internal Communication:

Objective: Responsible for coordinating, managing and promoting internal communications amongst GECI-PH Network.


  • Responsible for maintaining an internal communications platform (Microsoft Teams)
  • Responsible for setting up functional and content sub-groups channels
  • Responsible for providing and managing access to members
  • Responsible for disseminating Network-wide messaging from coordinating groups and sub-groups
  • Monitor and moderate use of communications platform


  • Abeer Al Halabi: Research Assistant | American University of Beirut
  • Mélissa Mialon: Honor ary Research Fellow | University of Sao Paulo​

External Communication and Advocacy

Objective:  Raise awareness amongst academics, researchers, policy makers, funders, civil society of issues related to Governance, Ethics and Conflict of Interest in Public Health.


  • Rapid responses to journal pieces/opinions/studies/reports
  • Email list to everyone (not just members) share new research findings, activities, events, reports, policy briefs, resources …
  • Responsible for social media platforms: Website , Twitter, LinkedIn and You-Tubing
  • Responsible for developing Newsletters


  • Angela Carriedo: Communications Secretary | World Public Health Nutrition
  • Gary Fooks: Reader in Sociology and Public Health | Aston University
  • Hala Alaouie: PhD student, University of Bath
  • Leslie London: Chair of P ublic Health Medicine | University of Cape Town
  • Mélissa Mialon: Honor ary Research Fellow | University of Sao Paulo​


Objective: Ensure Network sustainability and continuity of work to fulfil overall Network objectives


Rima Nakkash: Associate Professor | American University of Beirut


  • Responsible for seeking financial support for the Network's functional subgroups.
  • Review Network membership to ensure geographic representation and diversity in discipline
  • Develop an evaluation plan for the network
  • Implement an annual evaluation of subgroup accomplishments as per set annual plan​

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