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The Muhieddine M. Ahdab Neuromuscular Diagnostic (MMA-NMD) Laboratory is dedicated to the study and full diagnostic evaluation of muscle and nerve biopsies. Updated diagnostic methodology is available to improve understanding and therapy of muscle and nerve diseases. The laboratory is fully equipped with state of the art histological, histochemical, immunohistochemical, biochemical, molecular, and quantitative image analysis with morphometric evaluative techniques and instruments.
Diagnostic evaluation of biopsies is specifically adapted to each case, using the information obtained from clinical consultation with the referring physician and the patient.
Specific methodology is used for long-term storage of biopsy tissue for further and more advanced technical methods including ultrastructural, biochemical, molecular and genetic studies when needed.

Diagnostic tests routinely performed

1. Muscle Biopsies

Muscle evaluation in paraffin sections using routine and special stains for fibrous and elastic tissue, amyloid, and inflammation.

Muscle evaluation in frozen sections using standard and specialized panels of histochemical and immunohistochemical stains and reactions, including fiber typing, mitochondrial oxidative enzymes, lipid and glycogen content, and inflammatory and dystrophic markers.

Quantitative morphometric evaluation of myofiber size, type and distribution in plastic embedded sections, for the differential diagnosis of congenital and acquired myopathies.
Electron Microscopy: Ultrastructural study of Epon-embedded ultra-thin sections (referred test).
Biochemical evaluation of mitochondrial oxidative enzymes (respiratory chain complexes) and other non-oxidative mitochondrial enzymes activities.
Multiplex immunoblotting studies of a set of dystrophic proteins most commonly implicated in muscular dystrophies.
Molecular analysis of inherited genetic mutations in the mitochondrial and/or nuclear genomes.

2. Nerve Biopsies
Nerve evaluation of paraffin and frozen sections using histological, histochemical and immunohistochemical analysis.
Morphometric evaluation of myelinated nerve fiber density and distribution in semi-thin plastic sections (processed through epon embedding).
Electron microscopy study of ultra-thin sections from epon blocks (referred tests).

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We are continuously improving our services to meet the needs of our patients. Please do not hesitate to send us your inquiry, your feedback or your comments.

Address:  American University of Beirut Medical Center
                 Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Department
                 NeuroMuscular Diagnostic Laboratory
                 Riad El-Solh 1107 2020

Tel:    00961-1-350000 ext.5191 or 5987

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