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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Requirements before admission

In order to apply for an elective resident rotation at AUBMC, applicants should:

  • be currently enrolled in a Residency or Fellowship training program
  • have the approval of their program director
  • submit a complete application ​at the GME Office at least three months prior to their elective start date.

Elective Options

Residents can only apply as "Observer Visiting Residents" where residents may watch procedures, surgeries, patient histories and physicals. Observers may attend patient rounds, teaching conferences and utilize the medical library. Observers may not participate in any patient care activities. In essence, observers may not examine patients, scrub on surgical cases or write in medical records.

Elective Programs

Observer visiting residents can participate in GME residency and fellowship programs that are in progress. Special programs cannot be devised to suit special requirements by the resident or their sponsors.

Some GME training programs might require completion of an elective rotation at AUBMC from applicants to their programs. Applicants to the Neonatology Fellowship Training program are required to complete an elective rotation at NICU at AUBMC before the end of the interview period.​

Elective Period

Elective rotations should not be less than 4 weeks and not more than three months ​per academic year​. The elective rotations should fall within the duration of the resident/fellow’s training program.

Elective Application Documents​

Elective residents should submit the following documents to the GME Office for approval:

  • Updated Curriculum Vitae
  • Photocopy of ID or Passport
  • Photocopy of medical diploma
  • Official medical school transcript of record
  • Three letters of recommendations​
  • ​Non-refundable processing fee of US $ 50.00
  • In case of acceptance, an additional application fee of US $ 50.00 will be incurred
  • Evaluation form of the resident’s performance (if required by the resident’s training program)
  • Application for Observer Visiting Resident Elective Rotation (Parts I and II filled and signed)
  • Completed immunization record (page 3 in the Application)​
  • Copy of a valid private “Health/Medical Insurance Policy” that covers your period of elective training at AUB.

Status Notification

Participation in any elective rotation will be allowed on a space-available basis. Selection dates must have final approval from host department program director. The approval process takes approximately four to six weeks. The Office of Graduate Medical Education will notify the applicants by email if their request has been granted or rejected.​

​Important Notes on Elective Rotation Requirements 

  • Liability Insurance: Liability Insurance is required during the time of the elective. 
  • Immunizations: Observer visiting residents must submit documentation of immunization or lab reports showing results of antibody titers for immunity to Tetanus-Diphtheria, Hepatitis B, Measles and Rubella, Mumps, Chicken Pox (Varicella), and an annual Tuberculin skin test taken within a year of the rotation start date. 
  • Dress Code: Observer ​visiting residents must bring their own white coat that must be worn all the time. Professional attire is required. 
  • ID Badge: Observer ​visiting residents must wear the AUB ID badge provided through the GME Office at all times.
  • Lodging: Observer ​visiting residents cannot be accommodated in the University housing student facility and have to search for and rent their own apartment. Lodging will be at the resident's expense. 
  • Parking: Observer ​visitingObserver residents cannot access the AUB employees' parking but can use multiple parking options around the AUB Medical Center (AUBMC). 
  • On-Line Training Modules: Observer ​visiting residents are required to complete and pass the AUBMC on-line training modules on Infection Control and Fire Safety training prior to the start of their elective rotation. The minimum required score to pass each test is 80 out of 100, and observer ​visiting residents have a maximum of 3 attempts. To access the online Moodle courses, observer ​visiting​ residents need to activate their AUBnet account and inform the GME Office of their AUBnet username. 
  • AUBNet Account: The GME Office will request for the observer ​visiting residents a “Sponsored AUBnet User Account”. The AUBnet account will allow the visiting residents to have access to the online moodle courses and to public PC access throughout AUB, help desk support and internet access throughout their elective period.
  • Confidentiality Statement: Observer ​visiting residents must read and sign the AUBMC confidentiality statement before starting their elective.
  • Policies: Observer ​visiting residents must adhere to all policies, practices, rules, bylaws, and the regulations of the AUBMC, Department(s), and Medical Staff and to all applicable Lebanese laws, as well as the standards required to obtain or maintain accreditation by Lebanon’s Ministry of Public Health, the JCI, the ACGME-I, and any other relevant accrediting, certifying, or licensing organizations.
  • Health/Medical Insurance Policy: Observer ​visiting residents are required to present proof of having a valid private “Health/Medical Insurance Policy" that covers their period of elective training at AUB. Observer ​visiting residents are not allowed to start their elective rotation at AUB ​without showing this valid insurance, for whatever reason. Presenting evidence that they are being ensured through their parents or through any of the Lebanese Governmental agencies, offices or bodies, be it NSSF, Cooperative, Leb. Army, Internal Security Forces, or else, is not enough. They should present a valid ​private insurance specifically.​

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