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Informing the development of electoral platforms and empowering the public, guided by the principles of:

​​The K2Position4PoliticalPlatforms aims to inform the development of electoral platforms that are fair and transparent, action-oriented and responsive to people's needs.

The overall aim is to shift away from relying on personalities and patronage to developing a programmatic electoral platform that voters can objectively use to guide their voting choice.

K2Position4PoliticalPlatforms targets political parties and independent candidates aiming to develop high-quality electoral platforms.

​Ultimately, we want to empower the general public and media to hold political parties and independent candidates to higher calibers when planning, designing and communicating their electoral platforms.

February 2023

  • Policy Analysis of the Draft Universal Health Coverage Law in Lebanon: Gaps ​and
    ​Recommendations.  تحليل مفصل لمشروع قانون التغطية الصحية الشاملة في لبنان: الثغرات والتوصيات (Arabic version)

March 2022

  • K2Position4PoliticalPlatforms​: A Guide to Develop and Evaluate Electoral Platforms

May 2022

  • ​​K2Position4PoliticalPlatforms​:​ K2P ​Platform Tool​

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