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Call for Papers & Evidence

The Lancet-AUB Commission on ​Syria: Health in Conflict issued a Call for Papers as part of the announcement of the launch of the Commission (see Lancet Comment below).    

​​The Lancet–American University of Beirut Commission on Syria: a new role for global health in conflict and a call for papers
Samer Jabbour, Jennifer Leaning, Iman Nuwayhid, Richard Horton, Pamela Das
The Lancet, Vol. 388, No. 10063, p2967–2968
Published: 10 December 2016
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In response to the many queries received, The Lancet has issued the following announcement which elaborates on the details of the Call. We reproduce the announcement below and provide more detail​.


Download announcement (PDF) on Lancet website  

We welcome the enthusiastic response to the call for papers issued in the announcement of the Lancet-American University of Beirut Commission on Syria: Health in Conflict.  We wish to provide clarification of the details of the call. 

 The objectives are multiple: strengthen the evidence base for the inquiry of the Commission, shed light on important issues related to the health and the Syria conflict, and provide a platform to increase visibility of important work on the conflict. 

 Submissions are welcome in priority areas that the Commission is examining: 

    • The context and the framing of the Syria conflict in global lens
    • Health of people inside Syria: Burden of war, challenges facing various population groups, specific health challenges 
    • Health of refugees and host communities: Various refugee groups and host communities, challenges facing various population groups, specific health challenges 
    • Health systems: includes health system issues inside Syria and as well as in refugee countries, including health professionals, delivery, infrastructure, and transition to rebuilding 
    • Challenges of the international response to the crisis: includes health-related international law violations and humanitarian aid design and delivery 
    • Policy options and next steps: including those that can strengthen the role of global health in conflict and health ​​more broadly. 

All manuscript types are welcome, particularly high-quality research studies that highlight novel findings or show innovative approaches that have the potential to change policy and/or practice in conflict settings. 

Submissions should be received by June 1st, 2017 through the Lancet’s online submission system mentioning this call for papers in the covering letter.​​  

 Accepted manuscripts will be published in several issues across The Lancet titles between September and October 2017. 

 A key issue for the Commission is access to raw evidence, understandably difficult in war settings.  Beyond the submissions in response to this Call, we urge institutions, experts and individuals to contact the Commission to avail datasets, testimonials, and documents through the Commission website: or by email to the Commission co-chairs at ​


Click here ​to submit evidence, datasets, testimonials, and documents.










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