American University of Beirut

Penrose Award

​​​​The Penrose Award is an honorary annual award given to an outstanding undergraduate in MSFEA on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and contribution to university life.​

Nour El Kaddour2023-2024Architecture and Design
Franck Lawali Ki2023-2024Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hadi Khalaf2023-2024Electrical and Computer Engineering
Joseph Soueidy 2022-2023Industrial Engineering and Management
Georges Haidar2021-2022Electrical and Computer Engineering
Joy Haddad2020-2021Industrial Engineering and Management
Aya Mouallem2019-2020Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jana Jawhar2018-2019Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mariam Dabboussi2017-2018Industrial Engineering and Management
Dana Karout2016-2017Mechanical Engineering
Abdel Wahab Turkmani2015-2016Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mona Talih2014-2015Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy
Ramzi Adel Taybah 2013-2014Civil and Environmental Engineering
Samer Abdel Massih Bu Jawdeh 2012-2013Mechanical Engineering
Hussein Amine Kassem 2011-2012Civil and Environmental Engineering
Catherine Joseph Abou Abdallah2010-2011Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georges Nicolas El Nachef2009-2010Civil and Environmental Engineering
Haig Papazian2008-2009Architecture
Hani Tohme2007-2008Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gustave Cordahi2006-2007Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rani Daher2005-2006Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fehmi Sakkal2004-2005Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tammam Yamout2003-2004Graphic Design
Ayman Kichly2002-2003Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ayman Itani2001-2002Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kamal A. T. Sanjakdar2000-2001Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bassel Mohammed Hisham Dabboussy1999-2000Architecture
Hani Yussef Diya1998-1999Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jihad Youssef Abbas1997-1998Electrical and Computer Engineering
Hadi Mohamad Komaty1996-1997Electrical and Computer Engineering
Elie Assaad Awad1996-1997Mechanical Engineering
Maysa Nassir Sabah1994-1995Architecture
Walid Edward Tabanji1993-1994Mechanical Engineering
Rana Mohammed Samir El-Chemaitelly1992-1993Mechanical Engineering
Boutros Sami Abboud Klink1991-1992Civil and Environmental Engineering
Yaser Fadeel Abun Nasr1988-1989Architecture
Samir Fawzi Saba1988-1989Electrical and Computer Engineering
Talal Tarik Balaa1987-1988Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sany Ramzi Zeine1986-1987Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nabeel Richard Mishalani1984-1985Civil and Environmental Engineering
Omar Mohamad Knio1983-1984Mechanical Engineering
Maher Ahmad Mukaddam1982-1983Civil and Environmental Engineering
Imad Hannun1981-1982Civil and Environmental Engineering
Haitham Nadim Haddad1980-1981Architecture
Sani Richard Anis Nassif1979-1980Electrical and Computer Engineering
Yahya Badran1978-1979Civil and Environmental Engineering
Abdallah Joseph Khabbaz1972-1973Civil and Environmental Engineering
Salamon Melhem Haroun1971-1972Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nabil Fawzi Azar1969-1970Architecture
Viken Kh. Yeramian1968-1969Architecture
Rajai F. Khuri1967-1968Architecture
Hani Bizr1966-1967Civil and Environmental Engineering
Yusuf Salam1964-1965Civil and Environmental Engineering
John Makhoul1963-1964Electrical and Computer Engineering
George A. Loshkhajian1962-1963Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ziyad Jamil Ghandur1961-1962Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sana Abdus-Samad1960-1961Civil and Environmental Engineering
Haralambos Harris1959-1960Civil and Environmental Engineering
Fouad A. Rihani1958-1959Civil and Environmental Engineering
Carol S. Khuri1957-1958Civil and Environmental Engineering
Vartkess M. Balian1956-1957Architecture
Nadim Ph. Boulos1955-1956Architecture
Hratch S. Papazian1955-1956Civil and Environmental Engineering

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