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The Global Engagement Initiative (GEI) aims to contribute to AUB's overarching mission of advancing global knowledge by fostering partnerships worldwide. 

Based out of the Debs Center | New York Office and grounded in empowering our faculty and students, our mission is to generate, enhance, and broaden connections with academic institutions and think tanks at the global level. We aim to develop long-lasting partnerships that foster scholarly connections and expand access to research and knowledge across various disciplines, emphasizing research specific to the Middle East and Arab World while holding a global significance.

At the heart of the Global Engagement Institute (GEI) lies a set of guiding principles that underpin its mission and goals.

Thematic Initiatives and Purposeful Design: 
Every initiative and set of activities follow a thematic focus and is designed with a specific, impactful objective in mind. Primary objectives of planned initiatives include:

  • Establishing and expanding global connections and collaborations.
  • Cultivating fruitful partnerships in the fields of education, research, outreach, and innovation.
  • ​Producing knowledge (white papers, publications, etc.). 

Knowledge Dissemination
GEI is committed to the widespread dissemination of research and knowledge through engaging with a global audience. 

Local Contextualization and Community Engagement: 
Every initiative and set of activities spearheaded by GEI should be differentiated through their local relevance and contextualization (MENA, Arab world, East Mediterranean region), and include local partner(s) from the university together with global peers from academia, institutes, organizations, think tanks, etc.

We engage in myriad projects with our institutional partners. Based on our principles, these projects are structured to leverage institutional partners' collective expertise and resources, creating opportunities for mutual growth and development. By pooling resources and expertise, these partnerships enable the exploration of interdisciplinary approaches, leading to comprehensive and impactful outcomes.
They include but are not limited to:

  • ​Joint research initiatives 
  • Academic and professional development course design 
  • Co-creation of master programsExchange of faculty, staff, and students
  • Exchange of faculty, staff, and students​

The Global Engagement Initiative produces and promotes public conversations across such fields as women's rights, climate justice, economic development, health care, democratic politics, fine arts, technology, and the evolving global landscape. These events aim to facilitate public discussions and the exchange of knowledge rooted in local expertise while holding global significance.

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