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WHY INCLUSION?​​​​​​​​​​

Women, and other historically marginalized groups, continue to face significant challenges at the workplace. Across the MENA region, economic participation by women ranks among the lowest in the world. Those women who do have access to employment opportunities, continue to be under-represented in leadership positions and suffer from precarious working conditions. Inclusion requires both a mindset shift and strategic effort to develop and implement policies and practices that counter discrimination and harassment in order, creating conditions for women to enter the job market and have dignified carers. 


Partnering with regional stakeholders, we empower employers and decision-makers to address structural barriers, promoting women's access to deserving jobs, improving workplace well-being, and increasing women's rates of promotion to top positions.​


SAWI (Support and Accelerate Women’s Inclusion) is a dynamic, interdisciplinary movement involving businesses, universities, and civil society organizations across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). SAWI makes inclusion a reality by translating regional research into tangible policies that help millions of working women in the formal economies across the MENA. 


SAWI empowers employers to lead the way in enacting inclusive policies that break down barriers and promote women's economic inclusion in the MENA. By partnering with HR managers and thought leaders, we drive local solutions tailored by MENA experts for MENA economies.


We envision a future where every woman has access to dignified career opportunities with equitable benefits and support. This can be achieved when employers take on the burden of reforming exclusionary and discriminate policies and practices. Our goal is to work directly with decision-makers and managers to facilitate inclusion for all individuals, regardless of their background, to have dignified, meaningful, and rewarding careers, thereby building sustainable futures in the region. ​

1. Participatory and Action-Oriented Research
Conducting research with social impact, we mobilize diverse stakeholders to publish findings that improve women’s careers through inclusive policies.

2. Skill-Building and Partnerships
Creating a community of practice, we offer executive training, mini-certification, and workshops to certify HR managers and trailblazing employers.

3. Co-Creation of Strategies
Highlighting women's experiences, we work with decision-makers to develop applicable and sustainable solutions for employers.

4. Mobilization for Inclusion
Organizing across borders, we engage decision-makers in policy change, empowering change makers in the MENA region.

5. Knowledge Transfer and Global Networks
Generating applicable knowledge, SAWI demonstrates how awareness and policy change can foster collaboration.

Dignified careers and workplace well-being for women are crucial for economic growth and social development. Join us in making this change happen through our multi-stakeholder partnerships and evidence-based approaches!

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