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AUB Nature Conservation Center
IBDAA 2016



“[The most rewarding part of being an IBDAA juror] has always been watching the students, with their positive attitudes and their creativity. It’s so amazing to see these young minds; how creative they can be and how powerful their statements are all the time through their projects. It’s an amazing process.” That’s what Lina Tannir, AUB Finance Instructor and IBDAA juror had to say about the IBDAA competition during an interview earlier this year.

The Nature Conservation Center (NCC) has been hosting the International Biodiversity Day At AUB, or IBDAA, for a decade now. The event invites AUB students to prepare eco-friendly projects during the Spring semester and present them in the form of posters and sometimes demonstrations. The opening speech at the tenth edition of IBDAA, which took place on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, explained that “[NCC] started IBDAA in 2007 because there is only so much [it] can do. The potential to change the world is in the hands of students and young minds like [IBDAA participants].” It went on to explain that whether they like it or not, the participating students are all about to change the world, and urged them to take the environment into consideration when they do.

Also present at the event, which hosted more than 275 participants, was President Fadlo Khuri, to cheer on the student innovators and encourage them to continue being productive and creative. The students also enjoyed a surprise tango flash mob, a continuous draw for prizes to be won, live graffiti and professional illustration of the forum, a “chill area”, where they could lie down on Waste bean bags to de-stress, and even a Selfies Box! They also enjoyed food and drinks, courtesy of Passion Juice, Patisserie Lolita, Dunkin Donuts, Nestle Toll House, and Fiber, as well as tempting prizes from Roadster, Urbanista, Caribou Café, and Waste.


IBDAA 2016 Book of Proceedings


This year also particularly stood out due to the impressive variety of the projects, that ranged from children’s books with built-in trash bags, to vertical gardens, to an ankle bracelet helping the blind. They were so impressive, that the Business Plan category had two first place winners, rather than one winner and one runner-up. The full list of winners is below.

Click here to view this celebration on the CBD website!



  Arts and Humanities
First Place Designability
Team Members Hussein Ghazi, Ghida Sbeity, Sara El Samman, and Sarine Semerjian
Second Place Eco-loring
Team Members Samar Abou Ltaif, Ariane Haddad, and Kelly Hrechdakian
  Product Development
First Place #WePrintConcrete
Team Members Dana Itani, Lynn Fayed, Tony Narciss, Nayirie Skayan, and Hanin Arja
Second Place Walk With Me
Team Members Nelly Antoun, Fatima Awada, Marc Ayoub, and Daniele Francis
First Place Intensive Farming for Africa’s Development: Justified Crimes?
Team Members N. Vania Muriuki
Second Place India’s Venture in the Global Trend of Land Grabs: A Paradox of Food Security
Team Members Hanadi Abi Ali
  Business Plan
First Place #1 BioNeem
Team Members Khalid Ismail
First Place #2 Pilner
Team Members Gianni Hammoudeh and Shadi Srour
  Waste Management
First Place SortPro
Team Members Rawan Saab, Safaa Hijazi, Tala Saab, and Bashir Nakhal
Second Place #LetsRecycleTogether:ZbeletnaApp
Team Members Sara Takkoush
  Improved Energy Efficiency and Renewable Resources
First Place The Integrated Sustainable Power Bank (ISPB)
Team Member Rema Daher, Roy Deeb, Walaa El Safadi, and Yazan Fanous
Second Place #WeConserveEnergy
Team Members Roy Kamar, Marc Medlej, Bernard El Khoury, Eddy Eid, and Youmna Jreissati



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