Abdul Hadi Debs Endowment Award for Academic Excellence

​​​​The Abdul Hadi Debs Endowment Award for Academic Excellence is a $1,000 endowment to a student at the graduate level who has an outstanding academic record and has demonstrated research capabilities through a paper, project, or thesis deemed by the faculty to be worthy of publication.​

Mariam Itani2018-2019Mechanical Engineering
Elyssa Fawaz2018-2019Civil and Environmental Engineering
Yara Rizk2018-2019Electrical and Computer Engineering
Reem Yassine2017-2018Mechanical Engineering
Hussein Kassem2017-2018Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy
Wael Slika2016-2017Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ramy Bali2016-2017Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nagham Ismail2016-2017Mechanical Engineering
Carine Habchi2015-2016Mechanical Engineering
Ilige Samir Hage2014-2015Mechanical Engineering
Nabil Michel Atallah2014-2015Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jihan Mohamad Hashisho2013-2014Civil and Environmental Engineering
Moath Mustafa Al-Qraini 2012-2013Mechanical Engineering
Mazen Salah Danaf 2012-2013Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hady Gaby Maalouf 2012-2013Electrical and Computer Engineering
Iyad Anwar Fayssal 2011-2012Mechanical Engineering
Jad Elia Makhlouta 2011-2012Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kassem Mohammad Fawaz2010-2011Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sally Jack Antoun2009-2010Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ali Ramadan2008-2009Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nancy Daher2008-2009Mechanical Engineering
Youssef Tawk2007-2008Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rola Idriss2007-2008Architecture
Joseph Costantine2006-2007Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ihab Sraj2006-2007Mechanical Engineering
Rawad Saleh2005-2006Mechanical Engineering
Nadim Diab2004-2005Mechanical Engineering
Lilian Malaeb2003-2004Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jihad Harathani2003-2004Mechanical Engineering