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​Areen Projects Award for Excellence In Architecture​ and Graphic Design

​​​​​​​​​​Areen Projects Award for Excellence In Architecture​ and Graphic Design is an annual award given to the top three final projects in architecture and graphic design (first $2,200, second $1,700, and third $1,100).

The project should demonstrate: respect for and service to the community at the local, municipal, national or regional level; appropriate structural and/or practical concepts; and outstanding creativity and/or innovation.​​

Hassan Fawaz2023-2024Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy
Stephanie Achkar2023-2024Architecture and Design1st prize
Doria Doubal2023-2024Architecture and Design3rd prize
Nour El Kaddour2023-2024Architecture and Design2nd prize
Riwa Karanouh2022-2023Architecture and DesignFirst Prize
Ricardo Moukarzel2022-2023Architecture and DesignSecond Prize
Naim Zgeib2022-2023Architecture and DesignThird Prize
Kaline Derkhatchadourian2022-2023Architecture and DesignFirst Prize
Loulwa Chehab2022-2023Architecture and DesignSecond Prize
Maria Masood2022-2023Architecture and DesignThird Prize
Omar Ayache2021-2022ArchitectureFirst Prize
Joseph Chalhoub2021-2022ArchitectureSecond Prize
Myriam Abou Adal2021-2022ArchitectureSecond Prize
Reina Akkoush2021-2022Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Yara Youssef2021-2022Graphic DesignSecond Prize
Dana Assir2021-2022Graphic DesignThird Prize
Riad Tabbara2020-2021ArchitectureFirst Prize
Yara Mortada2020-2021ArchitectureSecond Prize
Lea Saad2020-2021ArchitectureThird Prize
Luna Akil2020-2021Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Myriam Khoury2020-2021Graphic DesignSecond Prize
Nayla Hamze2020-2021Graphic DesignThird Prize
Talia Tutunjian2019-2020Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Rana Tawil2019-2020Graphic DesignSecond Prize
Rim Armouch2019-2020Graphic DesignThird Prize
Nicolas Doughlass2019-2020ArchitectureFirst Prize
Salem Shamia2019-2020ArchitectureFirst Prize
Hiba Itani2019-2020ArchitectureThird Prize
Ash Wadi2018-2019Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Sama Beydoun2018-2019Graphic DesignSecond Prize
Rabab Charafeddine2018-2019Graphic DesignThird Prize
Joanna Saade2018-2019ArchitectureFirst Prize
Christina Battikha2018-2019ArchitectureSecond Prize
Amina Kassem2018-2019ArchitectureThird Prize
Mohamad Nahle2017-2018ArchitectureFirst Prize
Lea Ramadan2017-2018ArchitectureSecond Prize
Reem Nassour2017-2018ArchitectureThird Prize
Laetitia Keyrouz2017-2018Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Nour ElHoda Shaaban2017-2018Graphic DesignSecond Prize
Sarah Saroufim2017-2018Graphic DesignThird Prize
Fayssal Yatim2016-2017Architecture First Prize
Yasmine Atoui2016-2017Architecture Second Prize
Soraya Hachem2016-2017Architecture Third Prize
Nareg Krikorian2016-2017Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Ayla Kekhia2016-2017Graphic DesignSecond Prize
Sami Karam2016-2017Graphic DesignThird Prize
Magdaleen Bahour2015-2016Architecture First Prize
Alia Bader 2015-2016Architecture Second Prize
Leyla El Sayyed Hussein2015-2016Architecture Third Prize
Ghiya Haidar2015-2016Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Allesandro Decaneva2015-2016Graphic DesignSecond Prize
Lynn Zakkour2015-2016Graphic DesignThird Prize
Hussein Nasreddine2014-2015Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Zeina Bou Khaled2014-2015Graphic DesignSecond Prize
Ranim Al Halaky2014-2015Graphic DesignThird Prize
Tessa El Sakhi2014-2015Architecture First Prize
Ghalia Korban2014-2015ArchitectureSecond Prize
Christina Attiyeh2014-2015Architecture Third Prize
Tarek Ibrahim Hreish2013-2014ArchitectureFirst Prize
Farah Wajdi Harake2013-2014ArchitectureSecond Prize
Adrian Charles Muller2013-2014ArchitectureThird Prize
Diala Ghassan Hamdallah2013-2014Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Hicham Samir Faraj2013-2014Graphic DesignSecond Prize
Sara Walid Nehme2013-2014Graphic DesignThird Prize
Mayssa Rachid Jallad 2012-2013ArchitectureFirst Prize
Ahmad Muin Yehya 2012-2013ArchitectureSecond Prize
Sara Nour Eddine El Batal2012-2013ArchitectureThird Prize
Joanne Marie Hani Harik2012-2013Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Tala Nouri Safie2012-2013Graphic DesignSecond Prize
Melissa Samih Zakharia2012-2013Graphic DesignThird Prize
Ghida Mohamed Walid Hachicho2011-2012ArchitectureFirst Prize
Jad Khalil Melki 2011-2012ArchitectureSecond Prize
Ghaith Nizar Abi Ghanem 2011-2012ArchitectureThird Prize
Sara Nabil Sukhun2011-2012Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Romy Makram Saber 2011-2012Graphic DesignSecond Prize
Tania Antoine Bou Samra 2011-2012Graphic DesignThird Prize
Firas Faysal Abou Fakher2010-2011ArchitectureFirst Prize
Antoine Joseph Atallah2010-2011ArchitectureSecond Prize
Zeina Hassan Koreitem2010-2011ArchitectureThird Prize
Miguelle Pierre Issa2010-2011Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Yasmina Carol Charles Chami2009-2010ArchitectureFirst Prize
Dara Munther Dajani Daoudi2009-2010ArchitectureSecond Prize
Julie Dany Haddad2009-2010ArchitectureThird Prize
Ruba Abdul Rahman Sidani2009-2010Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Lilian Talal Abou Zeki2009-2010Graphic DesignSecond Prize
Yousef Ishaq Abed Rabboh2009-2010Graphic DesignThird Prize
Maya Rafih2008-2009ArchitectureFirst Prize
Farah Kassab2008-2009ArchitectureSecond Prize
Ryam Idriss2008-2009ArchitectureThird Prize
Michelle Abou Abboud2008-2009Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Fouad Mezher2008-2009Graphic DesignSecond Prize
Tamara Chehayeb Makarem2008-2009Graphic DesignThird Prize
Rola Idris2007-2008Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Rana Zeidan2007-2008ArchitectureSecond Prize
Nicolas Fayad2007-2008ArchitectureThird Prize
Wissam Bou Assi2007-2008Graphic DesignFirst Prize
Samiya Azar2007-2008Graphic DesignSecond Prize
Omar El-Mismar2007-2008Graphic DesignThird Prize
Stephanie Y. Akkaoui2006-2007ArchitectureFirst Prize
Marianne M. Gharzouzi2006-2007ArchitectureSecond Prize
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